Buxa User’s Guide

This is a detailed instruction on how to use Buxa and its functions. If you get stuck anywhere when using Buxa, you should check this guide out.

Registration to Buxa

Enter phone number

First, you must specify the mobile phone number you want to use with Buxa.

Then push the “Go” button.

Accept the Buxa Terms and Conditions

Read the Terms and Conditions of Buxa.

If you approve it, push the “I approve the Terms and Conditions” button.

Enter the activation code

You’ll receive a text message to the mobile phone number you have just entered. It contains a four-digit activation code.

Enter this code into the first entry box if the application hasn’t done that already.

Enter your Buxa code

You’ll have to define your new Buxa code. The Buxa code protects your phone like PINs do for credit cards and mobile phones.

Buxa will ask for this code every time you enter the application or you initiate a transaction.

You’ll have to enter your Buxa code into the second entry box. It can be a combination of min. 4, max. 8 digits.

Enter your nickname

In the third entry box you can define the nickname you want to use with Buxa.

In addition to your phone number, it is your nickname that will identify you. It can be 4 to 20 characters long.

Enter you e-mail address

Finally, please enter your e-mail address you want to use with Buxa. Buxa will use this e-mail address to send you important messages and it will send your new Buxa code to this address in case you want to reset or you forgot it.

After you filled all four entry boxes, please push the “Continue” button to get to the final screen of the registration process.

Registration summary

Congratulations, you have successfully registered to Buxa. The final page will show your phone number, your nickname and the e-mail address you used during the registration process.

Once you have reviewed the registration summary, push the “Go to the application” button to open Buxa.

Entering Buxa

Enter your Buxa code, and press the “Enter” button to enter the application.

If you forgot your Buxa code, you can request a new one by pressing the “Request new Buxa code” button.

Also, you can open the user manual and the terms and conditions.


Request a new Buxa code

You can request a new Buxa code at the opening screen by pushing the “New Buxa code” button. After sending the request you’ll get an activation e-mail to your registered e-mail address.

Confirm new Buxa code request

By clicking on the link in the e-mail, you can confirm that you request a new Buxa code, and then you’ll get the activation code via text message.

Change your Buxa code

Click on “Profile” (round icon in the upper right corner) to change your Buxa code.

Scroll down and you’ll find some more options.

Change e-mail address

Here you can change your registered e-mail address.

Request Buxa code when entering the app

Change here if the app should ask for your Buxa code when opening the app.

Buxa code limit

You can define here if Buxa should not ask for the Buxa code under a certain limit when you initiate a transaction. The default setting is that you’ll have to provide the Buxa code all the time. This limit does not affect the amount of money you can receive.

Accept newsletters

Set here if you want to receive the Buxa newsletter.

Request transaction report

You can define if you want to receive a monthly transaction report.

Set up an avatar (profile picture)

Upload a picture of you and your Buxa friends will see that picture together with your nickname.

  • Visit http://hu.gravatar.com/. (Gravatar is a universal avatar service, used by many websites. You can create your avatar here.)
  • Register into Gravatar with the same e-mail address you use with Buxa.
  • Upload a profile picture and save it.

Change your avatar

If you change your profile picture in Gravatar, it will be change in Buxa too.

Switch users

One smartphone device can handle multiple Buxa accounts as well. For example, if your Buxa friend has left his phone at home, he can use your phone to log into Buxa and pay.

On the start screen, push the “Switch user” button, enter the phone number that belongs to that Buxa account and push the "Go" button.

If it’s the first time you use this phone to switch to a different account, then first you’ll have to approve the connection to this device. To do this, you’ll get an e-mail messaget to your registered address with a link. Just click on the link to approve the account new account on your phone. Go back to Buxa and start over the Switch user process.

Devices assigned to the phone number

Here you’ll find all those devices that are enabled to access your Buxa account.


Pay by reading a QR code

Go to the Read QR code menu option in the “Pay” menu, and read the Buxa QR code.

  • This can be a QR (business) card, containing a nickname and a phone number. (E.g. your own QR code or a Buxa store’s QR code).
  • This can be a so-colled transaction QR code, containing the nickname and the phone number as well as the sum to be paid and the filled comment field. (E.g. a webshop QR code containing the total of the webshop basket).

After scanning the QR code, the Pay Screen will appear. Enter the sum and push the "Pay" button. You can enter anything into the comment box.

When scanning a transaction QR code, the sum and the comment box will be filled already. Push the “Pay” button to start the transaction.

Pay be entering the phone number

Enter the phone number of the recipient or select it from your contact list. If the recipient is a Buxa user, his nickname will appear after entering his phone number. You can start the transaction by pushing the blue "Pay" button.

You’ll see the normal “Pay” screen. Fill the amount and the comment and initiate the transaction.

If the recipient is not a Buxa user, and you send him money, then he’ll receive a text message from the Buxa system telling him that he received money from you and if he registers, he can access that money. If the recipient doesn’t register within 1 week, the amount will be transferred back to your Buxa account.


If you are satisfied with the business where you can pay with Buxa, you can tip them easily. Enter the amount you have to pay for the services you used. Choose the amount of the tip by choosing 0%, 10%, 15% or 20%. Below you’ll see the final amount. Push the “Pay” button and the business will get the money. If you don’t want to tip them, just choose 0% tip.

Overview of payments

Transaction history

You can check all incoming and outgoing transactions and their details in the transaction history. The list can be changed between incoming and outgoing by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

In the list you can see the following details: profile picture of the sender or recipient, his nickname, date and time of transaction, value of the transaction. The status of the transaction is indicated by color. The color’s green if the transaction was successful. It is orange if it’s still pending. It is red if the transaction has failed. Pushing a transaction brings up the transaction details screen.

Transaction details

Transaction details show the profile picture of the sender or recipient, his nickname, date and time of transaction, value of the transaction, and the unique ID of the transaction (TrID). Topups and withdrawals have the corresponding bank account numbers listed too. Transaction status is indicated by color and by a short description.

Request money

This function allows you to request money from another Buxa user. You can request a debt to be paid or ask for money you paid for a shared bill. Select the Buxa user from whom you want to request money. Click on the gray “Request” arrow to proceed.

Enter the amount of money you request. You can write a short comment on why you ask for the money, then press the “Request” button. You’ll see this transaction in a pending status in your transaction history. You can cancel the request in case you have changed your mind or you have to correct something. Your friend will see this request which he can either accept or reject.

Request overview

While you can check all your transactions in the Transaction history, you can check all your requests in the Requests history.

Choose the "Requests" button from the main menu bar and see who requests, how much money, from whom.

Go to the "Requests from me" and either accept or reject the requests that a have arrived.

Buxa acceptors

The "Places" button in the main menu bar lists all the places where you can pay with Buxa (e.g. restaurants, bars, shops, webshops). You can either search for their names or scroll through the list.

You can also check the map to see where you can pay with Buxa.

Topup your Buxa balance

If you want to top up your Buxa balance, then go to your Profile (round icon in the top right corner) and choose the topup method you prefer.

You can top up your Buxa balance in two ways: credit card or bank transfer.

Topup via bank transfer

If you choose the bank transfer option, you’ll get to an information page telling you how you can upload your Buxa balance from an external bank account.

In your netbank, you have to send money to the following account number: 10300002-10618516-49020029. The name of the recipient must be: E-Money Clearing Systems Zrt.

The comment field must contain the phone number you use with Buxa. Use the following format: +36302345678

That is, +36, then the number of your mobile provider (20, 30 or 70), and your 7 digit subscription number.

Please pay attention to the correct format of both the account number and the phone number.

If you don’t use the correct phone number format, then we won’t be able to top up your Buxa account and will send the money back to your bank account.

Topup via credit card

Credit card topup uses the PayU system and the transaction qualifies as a purchase. Once you have accepted the Data Transfer Statement, enter the amount you want to upload to your Buxa account and push the "Go" button.

If it’s the first time you use a credit card to top up your Buxa balance, then you’ll have to enter your credit card details. In this case we’ll redirect you to PayU, because they validate and handle all credit card information. The validation process takes less than a minute, but sometimes it can take a bit longer.

For the first use, until your credit card is verified, the maximum amount you can upload from your credit card is limited to HUF 15,000, but that limit will raise to HUF 50,000 for subsequent transactions.

You can save your credit card details for future payments by checking the check box next to "Save credit card details". Just choose the card you want to use and start the topup.


If you want to use your Buxa balance outside the Buxa system, you can transfer your money to a standard bank account.

Enter the bank account number, the name of the bank and the name of the recipient. The applicaton saves this information, so you won’t have to enter all this the next time you withdraw money from your Buxa balance. Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw and push the “Go” button to start the transaction.

Withdrawal transactions initiated on a banking day will be completed by noon the following banking day.