How to use Buxa? - Tips

Send money to anyone with Buxa

If you are a Buxa user, you can send money to anyone whose phone number is available to you. The other person will receive a text message about the payment. As soon as she downloads the application and registers, she'll get the money and will be available for payments.

Pay your friends

A friend paid for the movie tickets? You can send him the price of your ticket during the commercials. No more awkward moments because of forgotten debts.

Share the bill

You paid at the bar together and you have no change? Send the money via Buxa. It's fast and you can track all payments easily.

Pay at the cafeteria

Read the QR code of the cafeteria with your smartphone while standing in line. You only have to enter the price of you sandwich at checkout. A few seconds and the amount you paid will appear on the cafeteria's smartphone or computer.

Buy online

Once you have selected the product you want to buy, just choose Buxa from the payment modes. You'll see a QR code, read it with your Buxa application, and finish the payment.

Buxa cash

You have no cash and the store doesn't accept Buxa yet? Ask your Buxa friend if he has cash at hand. If yes, then send him the amount you need via Buxa, and ask for the same amount from him in cash. Your friend will receive the money instantly which he can use instantly for further Buxa payments.

Top up your Buxa balance immediately

The traditional way to top up your Buxa balance is by doing it via credit card or bank transfer. You can top up your Buxa account with the help of a Buxa friend: you can exchange cash for Buxa money!