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Buxa introduction

What is Buxa?

Buxa is smartphone application and the underlying service that allows smartphone users to send payments to each other and pay at online-offline locations accepting Buxa.

What do I need to use Buxa?

Both the sender and the receiver of the money have to have a smartphone, with active Hungarian mobile phone number and an internet connection.

To start using Buxa, you have to download and install the Buxa application, and you must register into the Buxa system when you start up the application for the first time.

Do I have to sign anything?

No. You have to complete the registration process inside the app, during which you’ll have to accept the Buxa Terms and Conditions.

What are the smartphone requirements?

Buxa works well with Android (2.3 and above), iPhone (iOS 7 and above), and WIndows Phone (WP8 and above) smartphones.

What kind of internet connection is needed?

You can use mobile internet, WiFi or an internet connection shared by other devices.
To pay with Buxa, check your transactions or initiate other actions within the application, you’ll need a live internet connection. Mobile internet works the best with Buxa as you are not tied to a fixed location.

To receive money via Buxa, you don’t have to be online, you can get your money even if you are offline. The payment transaction itself is processed in the background via the Buxa system. You’ll receive a notification and can check the transaction details when you go online the next time.

How much data does Buxa use?

The size of the application itself is a couple of megabytes only. Data traffic is virtually insignificant, only a few kilobytes per transaction.

What’s Buxa good for?

You can send money to other active Buxa users: individuals and businesses accepting Buxa, e.g. cafés, restaurants, stores or webshops.

You can receive money from other active Buxa users.

Can I send money to non-Buxa users?

You can send money to anybody whose mobile phone number is known. If the recipient is not a Buxa user yet, he’ll receive a text message notification with a link inside from where he can download the Buxa application. Then he must register into the Buxa system if he wants to use the money he received. If he doesn’t register within 7 days the money will be returned to the sender’s account.

Where can I download Buxa?

For Android, you can download it from the Google Play Store. For iPhone, download it from the Apple Store. Windows Phone users can download it from the Windows Phone Store. The application is free to download.

Can I get news from Buxa?

News and other service related information will be sent to Buxa users via e-mail sent by the Buxa team.


How secure is Buxa?

Buxa payment transactions and account balances are processed and maintained on servers located in environments with multiple-level security systems. The smartphone application itself is used for accessing this transaction system, and just like using internet banking systems via web browsers, the Buxa application does not store any financial data. This means that if your phone is lost or stolen, your Buxa balance remains safe. The communication between the smartphone and the transaction servers is done through the internet, via an encrypted channel, protected from external access.

What is the Buxa code?

It is a unique minimum of 4, maximum of 8-digit code that you can enter when you register into the Buxa system. You have to provide this Buxa code to the app when you open it or when you initiate payment transactions. Buxa code is like PIN codes for phones or credit cards. If you enter the wrong code three times, the Buxa user account will be locked and can only be unlocked by requesting a new code.

What happens if I forget my Buxa code?

You can request a new code at the start screen of the application. You’ll receive an e-mail to your registered e-mail address with a link in it. Clicking on the link will get you an text message containing an activation code. You can enter the Buxa app with this one-time activation code, then you’ll have to define your new Buxa code.

What is the activation code?

The Buxa activation code is a one-time code that you’ll receive in a text message when you register into Buxa for the first time. You’ll have to provide this activation code during the registration process.

Where can I report if I believe my account has been compromised?

Please contact the Buxa Customer Support for help.

Using Buxa

How fast are Buxa transactions?

A transaction between two Buxa users takes only a few seconds. Both the sender and the recipient gets immediate feedback.

How fast is a Buxa withdrawal?

When you withdraw money from your Buxa account (i.e. you transfer money from your Buxa account to an external bank account) the transaction will be completed by 12PM the next banking day. In the future it will be possible to finish a withdrawal within 4 hours from the initiation.

What should I do if a Buxa transaction fails?

I’m trying to scan a QR code but nothing happens.

My phone is stolen or lost! What should I do?

Without your Buxa code, nobody can initiate transactions from your phone, or can get any confidential information because Buxa doesn’t store sensitive information on the phone. If unauthorized users don’t know your Buxa code and enter the wrong code three times, your account will be locked. In this case, you’ll receive an e-mail notification.

Since you’ll have to visit your mobile provider because you’ll have to lock and idsable your SIM card, we strongly recommend this as the first step. When you received your new phone with a new SIM and your old phone number, just go ahead, install Buxa. For the Buxa system, this new phone will be a new device so you’ll see the registration page when you first start up Buxa. Because you are a registered user you should select this option and proceed as described by the app.

If you feel it’s safer to suspend your Buxa account, just call Buxa Customer Support and ask them to suspend your account. When your account is suspended, no transactions can be initiated. Your account can be re-enabled only by presenting a proof of identity in person.

You can request to suspend your Buxa account by phone only and you’ll have to present your Buxa code along with your phone number. You can request the transfer of your balance to an external bank account you set earlier in the application. You can also request the complete closure of your Buxa account. In this case it will be possible to create a new Buxa account in the future with the very same phone number.

If you don’t want to close your account, you can ask to reinstate your account. However, you have to request this in person at our office and we’ll have to verify your identity when you sign a written request.

I have a new phone number or a new device.

New phone number, new device

New phone number, old device

Old phone number, new device

If you installed Buxa before October 1, 2014, you must do the following:

Background of Buxa

Do Buxa users have to open an account at the Buxa partner bank?

No, Buxa users don’t have to open a new bank account. The partner bank of Buxa is handling the money in your Buxa account. Money can be transferred between the user’s bank account and the Buxa bank account by sending or receiving money within those accounts.

Does Buxa use a new kind of currency?

No. Buxa payments are processed in Hungarian Forints (HUF). Buxa users top up their Buxa accounts with HUF, send or receive money inside Buxa in HUF, have their balance in HUF and withdraw money from Buxa to their own bank accounts in HUF.

Can I use Buxa outside Hungary?

The Buxa balance and all the transactions are in Hungarian Forints (HUF). The registration requires a Hungarian mobile number. However, the payments themselves are not tied to Hungary, so either the sender or the receiver of the money can be outside of Hungary at the time of the transaction.

What costs are associated with Buxa?

Buxa is free during the test phase and in order to help the spread of e-money payment systems, we plan to keep Buxa free in the future as well.

Why is Buxa better than a credit card?

With Buxa you can send money to anybody who has a smartphone. Individuals can pay each other as well.

What guarantees that the money behind Buxa will not disappear?

It is guaranteed by the banking infrastructure behind Buxa. Buxa money is being held in a traditional bank account that is protected by the guarantees of the bank itself.

Buxa Customer Support

How can I contact the Buxa Customer Support?

By e-mail at

Our website: