The Buxa mobile payment application

Buxa is a mobile payment application and the underlying service that allows our smartphone to be used as a wallet. Users can put money in Buxa - like they do with their wallets - and they can use the balance to pay friends or at places accepting Buxa: stores and webshops. To accept Buxa payments, a smartphone or an existing computer is needed. The Buxa payment appears on the smartphone of the recipient immediately. The amount obtained is available immediately for further Buxa payments or it can be transferred to the owner's bank account. Buxa is e-money based; it is independent of credit cards or bank accounts. Buxa runs on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Buxa test phase

During the two years period of test operations, Buxa was used by around 2,000 users who used Buxa to pay each other or to pay at over 50 shops accepting Buxa payments. The technology proved its readiness for public use:

The Buxa test period made it possible to listen to user feedback, build them into the system, thus creating a user interface that is safe and can be used by all smartphone users easily.

The Buxa test run was concluded on June 22, 2016. If you were one of our test users and have further questions, please contact us at

Buxa-based custom systems for partners

We provide a turnkey mobile payment solution for organizations who plan to use the latest, cashless payment technologies.

We search for partners - businesses, financial institutions, telco providers - whose existing services could be complemented with a proven mobile payment solution. We customize the user interface and functionality of Buxa according to the needs of our partners. We connect Buxa to the existing IT and accounting systems of our partners.

Our prospective partners can rely upon us even beyond the introduction of mobile payment: the team behind Buxa comes from the world of data. We develop business intelligence systems and we are in data mining. We create business value from data, e.g. by analyzing customer habits based on data that accumulate inside a mobile payment system. By evaluating, analyzing data, and revealing important links among them, our partners can bring out the most from their mobile payment system.

This is how Buxa worked during the test phase:

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